About Mestre Curisco

Mestre Curisco was born in Ipatinga, Minas Gerais Brazil. He began teaching Capoeira as a Mestre in Seattle ten years ago at the request of a small group of students.

Since his arrival, this original group of five students has grown into an internationally renowned school, Capoeira Malês. Mestre Curisco means “Master Lightning”, but his students simply call him Mestre.

Mestre Curisco stresses discipline, humility, and self-motivation. He is dedicated to bringing the roots of Brazilian Capoeira to his students.

Capoeira Malês is involved with many community programs such as the Seattle Boys and Girls club, Seattle Public Schools, and the Bellevue Community Center. Capoeira provides building blocks which can enable a well-balanced life, helping many people gain more respect for themselves and others.

Through Capoeira Malês, Mestre Curisco provides an opportunity for students in Mexico, the United States, and Canada to learn about Brazilian culture and the art of Capoeira. Mestre loves to teach and is thankful to his family and students who have supported him.