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MLK Weekend 2024 Axé Fest: Roots

Connect with your ancestral roots this MLK Day Weekend

through the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira

On this MLK Day Weekend, we are connecting with the ancestral roots and power of Capoeira!

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial created by African warriors who were enslaved in Brazil and used to fight for their freedom. Today, we practice this liberating art form to honor its legacy and for its many benefits - strength, community, healing, wisdom, empowerment, and more.

For the DC public, join us for a free community classes including intro to capoeira, yoga, and Afro-Brazilian dance to live drumming!


For visiting capoeiristas, we are excited to offer workshops by Mestre Malandro of Filhos de Bimba – Atlanta School of Capoeira, a student of Mestre Nenel. In his journey of researching the roots of his own ancestry, Mestre Malandro delved into an exploration of two founding styles that have influenced contemporary capoeira: Capoeira Angola and Capoeira Regional. He trained at Mestre Nenel’s academy, Fundação Mestre Bimba and eventually chose to dedicate himself purely to the preservation and education of Capoeira Regional. Join us for enlightening workshops covering Capoeira Regional, music, and acro with Mestre Malandro!



4-6pm: Advanced capoeira training with Mestre Malandro (6th cord and up)



12-2 pm: Community class for the DC public: FREE Yoga with D Yoga Dude, Intro to Capoeira, Capoeira Demo, and Afro-Brazilian Dance to live drumming

2-6 pm: Capoeira Regional Workshops and Roda with Mestre Malandro, for capoeiristas



1-3pm: Capoeira Acro Workshops with Mestre Malandro, for capoeiristas


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