Destination Jamaica was a huge success

April 07, 2011

In March 2011, Capoeira Malês DC hosted Destination Jamaica in Discovery Bay, Jamaica — Instrutor Morcego's hometown. The five day event — Capoeira Malês' first international encounter — was a huge success.

Nearly 100 people from at least six different countries came to Discovery Bay for a week of sun, fun and capoeira. We ate delicious food, met amazing people, lived on a beautiful beach, and of course, trained capoeira with some of the best in the game.

For one week, all of Discovery Bay was energized about capoeira and Afro-Brazilian culture. We even inspired many locals to try the art. A small group of students continues to train today!

On behalf of Mestre Curisco and Instructor Morcego, we'd like to thank our invited guests for support this event:

  • Mestre Val Boa Morte
  • Contra Mestre Lua Branca
  • Contra Mestre George Palmares
  • Contra Mestre Mariano
  • Contra Mestre Simpson
  • Professor Omi
  • Professora Sarara
  • Professor Graveto
  • Professor Girino
  • Formado Folclore
  • Instrutora Guerreira
  • Instrutor Sabía
  • Instrutor Carrapeta
  • Sonia Pessoa

We also would like to thank all the students who traveled to Jamaica to share their axé. Stay tuned for Destination Jamaica II, coming soon...

For more Destination Jamaica, check out pictures from the encounter, and the official website.

Morcego Destination Jamaica

Sonia Samba Class