2017 Capoeira Mâles DC Batizado

When: Saturday, September 23 - 5:59 pm — Saturday, October 7 - 5:59 pm

Where: Various Locations

For tickets please visit :  Capoeira Males DC  2017 Batizado Purchase Tickets

Day 15: Batizado and Troca de Cordas
Saturday, October 7
Venue: Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002 (please read ALL parking signs or consider
taking public transportation or Uber due to limited parking options)

Day 14: 15 Hour Roda (including breakfast, dinner, and snacks)
Friday, October 6
Venue: The Capoeira Spot
2008 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington DC 20018 (street abadas and no cords please)

Day 1-13 Events (*** indicates $35 for this movement workshop/event):
Day 13 (Thurs 10/05): Street rodas (locations to be announced soon)
Day 12 (Wed 10/04): Dance and Capoeira Workshop with Mestre Mariano***
Day 11 (Tues 10/03): Dance Workshop with Mestre Mariano and Capoeira Worshop with Mestre Lobao***
Day 10 (Mon 10/02): Maculele/Capoeira Workshop with TBD***
Day  9 (Sun 10/01): Capoeira Malês DC students only
Day  8 (Sat 09/30): Roda/BBQ/Film***
Day  7 (Fri 09/29): Happy Hour art auction
Day  6 (Thurs 09/28): Capoeira Angola Workshop with Contra Mestre Dale***
Day  5 (Wed 09/27): Capoeira Workshop with TBD***
Day  4 (Tues 09/26): Capoeira Angola Workshop with Contra Mestre Fabio***
Day  3 (Mon 09/25): Batucada Workshop with Mestre Vava***
Day  2 (Sun 09/24): Arame and cord making
Day  1 (Sat 09/23): Open House

Tentative Guests include:
Mestre Curisco
Mestre Canguru
Mestre Coreba
Mestre Indio
Mestre Lobao
Mestre Lua
Mestre Mariano
Mestre Panao

Contra Mestre Gaivota
Contra Mestre Guerreira
Contra Mestre Jaba
Contra Mestre Negao
Contra Mestre Omi
Contra Mestre Fenix
Contra Mestre Sapo

Professora Amazonas
Professora Borboleta
Professor Chulapa
Professora Cocada
Professora Come Come
Professor Malandro
Professora Sarara

Instrutora Espoleta
Instrutor Sorriso
Instrutor Pixote
Instrutor Calunga
...and more!