January 30, 2017

Rebecca C.
Rebecca C.
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My son has been taking lessons here for the past month and I am impressed with every aspect of this place.  A couple of years ago, when we moved from Mississippi, my son watched a Youtube video of capoeira, while researching other martial arts. He did Kung Fu back home and was anxious to start back up here, but after seeing the video, he switched gears and asked to start capoeira.  Constant travel prohibited us from taking him to lessons, but he came across Professor Morcego's videos and said then, that one day that will be his teacher.  Two years later, we got involved with a homeschool group that attends weekly lessons here and my son is thrilled about his involvement.  I have seen a weekly increase in mindfulness and responsibility from him, as well as his focus increasing.  Professor Morcego and his other seasoned instructors, create this dynamic environment that is so authentic and engaging.  My son's confidence is now solidifying as he has found something to be apart of that is nurturing to his being.  You will have zero regrets about this place as it literally good for your mind, body, and soul.