Congratulations to our 2017 Graduates!

May 13, 2017

If you missed the 2017 Kid's Batizado & Troca De Cordas I hope you catch the pictures and the video!

Amazing doesn't cut it. The dedication and hard work of our students, our teachers, our parents and capoeristas shined through. From the Violinhas and how much fun they had and how hard they worked, to our main event, that may not have had a dry eye in the house, we are so proud!

Congratulations to all of our graduates. You were sensational! All of the hours of practice, the sore legs, the extra classes, the hard work paid off. You were a fantastic sight to see.

A gigantic thank you to our parents and our parent committee of volunteers who went way above the call and helped us with travel coordination, housing, food, projects, making sure I ate and sat down a time or two, designing, cleaning, buying food, drinks, gifts- we are overwhelmed with gratitude!

To the Capoeiristas that make this place home! Thank you for answering the call of the game and continuing your art with us and all your extra time working with the children, beautifying our studio, and the time spent making sure our space was welcoming for our guests.

Thank you to all the teachers who smiled through tears watching their time and effort create a weekend of pride and wonder in our young people. You've sown seeds that will continue to flourish in their lives.

To Profesor Morcego for the vision, the plan and the audacity to carry it through! We are grateful! And to Mestre Curisco for his continual guidance, love and support. 

And finally, to the woman who makes it look easy. Her level of dedication is unmatched. A doctor by day, it is any wonder how she finds the time to play let alone commit 10 years to teaching our children. The debt we are owed to her as a guide and mentor to our young people is immeasurable.

And so with great pride she has transitions into her new role as Profesora Borboleta and we congratulate her, and wish her much joy and axé in this!

Check out our Facebook page, Capoeira Malês DC, for pictures by Koko Lanham on the May 6th.

Parabens family!

CapoeiraDC is because of you.